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What kind of diet you offer?

The diet plans are based on Mediterranean diet principles but we can include food items that you are accustomed to or are traditional to your area. Alternatively we can exclude food items that do not suit you (e.g. vegan, vegetarian) but keep the nutritional balance of your diet. Mediterranean diet is one of the most effective and healthy diets in the world.

How many kg will I lose?

This is not fad diet or quick fix. You will learn to eat properly through life. Thus, weight will decrease by 3-6 kg per month primarily from fat tissue. However, this depends on many factors as your metabolic rate, the initial eight/fat you have to lose, your physical activity patterns, your adherence to the plan etc.

I am an athlete. Is it enough to receive my diet plans from you?

Partly yes. You can also book for feedback sessions in order to go through exact advice regarding your diet plan. However, professional athletes need close attendance (e.g. measurements of fat, hydration, physiological parameters). Therefore, contact us for face to face appointments.

I am a person who travels a lot. I cannot get a proper nutrition everywhere I go.

E-nutritionhive system is ideal for you. You can book sessions from anywhere in the world. Plus we adjust to your specific needs at any time.

How can I receive support if I don’t physically meet the expert?

Actually the expert comes to your couch. No need to move. You receive support anywhere and everywhere. Contact us anytime you need a confidence boost or Book a Feedback session.

What qualifications do the experts possess?

Eirini Manthou BSc, MSc, PhD is the founder of e-nutritionhive. She has extensively worked in Academia and as a Consultant in Nutrition and Exercise in UK and Greece. All other experts are qualified Dietitians, Nutritionists and Exercise Scientists working in UK and Greece.

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